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We Deliver
Overview of Sticks and Stones Landscape Supply
Sticks and Stones has been around since 2005 located in Berea, KY.  The most important thing to us, is that we supply bulk materials at a very competitive rate to an area that is continually improving in the Gardening, and Landscaping Industry.  We offer great supplies that come from all over the country.  From topsoil, gardening soils, bulk mulch, decorative gravel, and various sizes of limestone gravel.  

Sticks and Stones LLC is family-owned and operated right here in Berea, KY. Since our company opened its doors in 2005, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
Products we carry:

Bulk Mulch:  Natural Dark Hardwood Mulch, Black Hardwood Mulch, Black Enhanced Mulch, Cherry Brown Mulch, Red Enhanced Mulch, Certified Safety Playground Chips.

Soils:  Triple Pasteurized Compost, Topsoil, and more varieties are coming.

Decorative Gravel:  We carry 18 styles and colors of decorative stone, that come from all over the country.  Biggest Selection in Madison County, KY.

Bulk Sand:  We carry the finest (smallest particulate) masonry sand in this region.  It is spectacular for lining pools.  Makes an excellent pool sand. 

Limestone Gravel:  DGA, #2s,#4s,57s,#9s, all available year round.

Bagged Products:  Top soil, Gardening Soils, Mushroom Compost, Black Enhanced Mulch, Red Enhanced Mulch, Cherry Brown Enhanced Mulch, Natural Dark Hardwood Mulch, & Pine Fines.
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